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Project Description

This is an example of how you can integrate a database based on Microsoft SQL Server with Microsoft PowerBI.

Database to Microsoft PowerBI Integration

It is a Windows service that, properly configured, periodically executes SQL statements and forwards the results to PowerBI.
For communication to the cloud you can use Windows Azure Event Hub or the REST API of PowerBI.

In case you want to use Windows Azure Event Hub you must first configure a queue. In addition you have to setup a Windows Azure Stream Analytics job that will subscribes to the Event Hub queue and will forwards the information to the PowerBI. In this case, the dataset of PowerBI will be automatically created if it does not exist.

If you want to directly use the REST API of PowerBI you will need to configure the client access permissions for access by an external application, also you will need to manually create the dataset. To do this you can use the executable "DbToPbiSvc.PowerBi.UI.exe" available in downloads.

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